Within the framework of "Rukhani Zhangyru", the sponsors built and reconstructed 7,000 objects

12 апреля 2021, 23:041941

Today, April 12, marks the 4th anniversary of the program "Rukhani Zhangyru". Since the launch of the program, about 123 thousand events have been held.

To date, 17 special projects are being implemented in six areas of the program, the work of regional project offices has been activated, and the activities of the Kazakhstan Institute of Public Development, which provides analytical and methodological support, have been established.

The three main value areas of the program were approved: "Personal development", "National identity and raising the international status", "Development of the state, civil society and local community".

During the 4 years of the program implementation, 7,000 social facilities were built and reconstructed at the expense of sponsorship funds. More than 13 thousand patrons took part in the implementation of these projects. Over the years, the culture of charity in the country has received a new impetus within the framework of the program.

Within the framework of the project "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan", the list of popular places of national significance and objects has been expanded.

In order to promote the sacred objects of Kazakhstan around the world with the participation of the BBC World News channel, the films "Kazakstannyn kieli zherlerinin geografiyasy", "Altyn Adam", "Kozha Ahmet Yassaui, Aisha Bibi mausoleyleri", the historical documentary " Kultegin. Zhana kozkaras". The films have been translated into six languages and are presented with high-quality subtitles on the TV channels "BBC World News", "Discovery", "Viasat history", "National Geographic" with an audience of more than 700 million viewers.

At the same time, under the project "100 new textbooks", books were translated into the state language and introduced into the educational process of 132 higher educational institutions of the country.

All translated textbooks are published in electronic format on the official website of the project www.100kitap.kz. Within the framework of the translated 100 textbooks. www.OpenU, which today has more than 88 thousand registered users, created and posted video courses in Kazakh and Russian.

Also, in order to strengthen ties with the international community, 34 Kazakh centers of literature and culture have been opened in the national libraries of China, the United States, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Korea, Malaysia, Hungary, Sweden and other countries.

As part of the 175th anniversary of the great poet Abay Kunanbayuly and the 1150th anniversary of Abu Nasr al-Farabi, cultural centers of Kazakhstan were opened in a number of foreign countries, which make a huge contribution to the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of the country in the world.

Taking into account the new reality and changes that have taken place in the world, the program implements new special projects introduced in the past year: "Unem – kogam kuaty" – the introduction of a pragmatic lifestyle, "Dastur men guryp" – the revival of forgotten but relevant traditions in the modern world, "Kukyktyk madeniyet" – improving the legal literacy of the population, "Enbek – eldin muraty" – stimulating productive work, instilling in the younger generation a love for the labor.

Since 2021, the program "Rukhani Zhangyru" has been transformed into a Roadmap for the transition to the stage of national modernization of public consciousness. The activities and projects of the Roadmap are compiled in accordance with the age characteristics of the population and are grouped into sections according to 3 main value areas, as well as scientific and methodological, expert and information support of the program.

Also, according to the results of the conducted sociological research on the topic "The effectiveness of the implementation of the "Rukhani Zhangyru" program, it can be argued that stable views have been formed in society in each of the six key areas of the program.

Competitiveness is associated with the need to master digital literacy and foreign languages (53.6%), pragmatism with the ability to live within their means and plan for their future (73.2%), the cult of knowledge with diligence in study and higher education (58.3%), the preservation of national identity with respect for history and a sense of belonging to a single nation (71.4%), evolutionary development with respect for the law and civic duty (77.8%), and openness of consciousness with a willingness to change and constant self-improvement (59.5%). 

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