Askar Mamin congratulates Kazakhstanis on Nauryz

20 марта 2021, 15:1847961

Prime Minister Askar Mamin congratulated Kazakhstanis on Nauryz.

“Dear people of Kazakhstan! I sincerely congratulate you on Nauryz Meiramy! This spring holiday is revered by our people as the beginning of the new year and the awakening of nature.

Nauryz embodies the energy of growth and a good future, giving people optimism and hope for the fulfillment of the brightest and most cherished desires.

The ancient traditions of Nauryz are passed down from generation to generation, evoking the best feelings in a person — kindness and attention to others, hospitality and mutual assistance, harmony with nature. With the arrival of spring, people visit each other, plant trees, clear springs, help those who need care and support.

With the acquisition of Independence, the celebration of Nauryz acquired special significance in strengthening peace and ensuring the unity of the multinational people of our country. This is truly one of the most beloved holidays of Kazakhstanis, regardless of their nationality, language and religion.

I wish all the people of Kazakhstan well-being and prosperity, may there be many joyful and bright days in every family!

Nauryz halkymyzga berekeli yrysyn, shuaq nuryn ala kelsin!

Ulystyn uly kuni qytty bolsyn!"

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